M3 Financial Services leadership provided efficient billing and collections systems to City of Chicago’s Ambulance Billing for 3 years. Our extremely secure and fully secure and compliant systems allow M3 to oversee accounts receivable for a city as large as Chicago to smaller local municipalities. We specialize in loading fines, levies, delinquent taxes, miscellaneous fees, and more.

Our solution includes

  • first party customer service collections,
  • pre charge off (pre collect),
  • Final Bill Services,
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Collections.

We provide accurate communication on the account balances and offer flexible payment arrangements.


M3 has completely customized our account management and tracking system, Caesar. This work flow system automatically assigns accounts to the appropriate team, accounts are scored for collectability and analyzed for trends for payment and worked very efficiently. Our technology advantage includes account tracking, accurate status and notes, electronic payment posting, our dialer software and VOIP telephony technology. We have a proprietary bi-directional technology to sync referrals, payments, adjustments, status, notes with utility company host systems.