Focusing on Student Loans, M3 Financial Services provides an efficient and excellent work flow system for the student loan industry. With systems born in healthcare, the Student Loans processes are as complex and tedious as healthcare requirements. Our services include providing student loan resolution and repayment, including loan rehabilitations, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, administrative resolutions, and associated customer service. With trained and efficient staff, we provide each borrower with innovative and practical solutions to address their open accounts.


M3 has completely customized our account management and tracking system, Caesar. This work flow system automatically assigns accounts to the appropriate team, accounts are scored for collectability and analyzed for trends for payment and worked very efficiently. Our technology advantage includes account tracking, accurate status and notes, electronic payment posting, our dialer software and VOIP telephony technology. We have a proprietary bi-directional technology to sync referrals, payments, adjustments, status, notes with student loan systems.